As part of our collaborative process, we design our clients’ programs to match their objectives; management philosophies, and workplace needs.

Workers’ Compensation

Improved outcomes for employers and employees alike

By their nature, workers’ compensation claims present employers with the ongoing challenge of maintaining the balance between employee health and the organization’s fiscal well-being. At AIMS, we have established a defined, repeatable process that enables you to achieve that balance on each claim filed. We call that process Loss Portfolio Management®, a comprehensive claims-management method that includes:

  • Focused, expert and compassionate claims management
  • 24-hour, three-point contact
  • Detailed, prompt information exchange to assure proactive management of your loss portfolio
  • Timely payments to providers and employees
  • Proper reserve-setting practices
  • Litigation management
  • Claims negotiation and settlement expertise
  • Cost-saving alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches
  • Effective medical case management
  • A collaborative relationship between your staff and ours
  • Competitive, equitable rates and fees
Collaboration. Communication. Customization

Through our collaborative process, we design your program to align with your objectives, management philosophy and workplace needs. Each Client’s program is different, because we customize each one to provide:

  • A detailed case-by-case, analysis that values each claim and lessens its financial impact
  • Regular monitoring and assessment of your claims-management program‘s effectiveness, including internal audits to measure performance
  • Proactive communication with employees and employers
  • Specialized reporting tailored to your management objectives, typically at no additional cost

By vigilantly maintaining a productive partnership, we become more than just another TPA. We work within mutually established guidelines to serve as a true loss-portfolio manager. In this role, we provide:

  • Caseload standards attuned to your requirements
  • 24-hour electronic and telephone access
  • Support from highly experienced claims administrators – skilled in public and private sector environments – many of whom have been with AIMS for decades
  • Medical cost-containment services in partnership with our sister company, Allied Managed Care, Inc. (AMC)
  • Online access to our claims database at no additional cost
  • Consultation and support in establishing protocols for loss reserves, return-to-work procedures, and loss-control planning

We focus our efforts on generating the best-possible outcomes by making maximum use of our skill, knowledge and experience to benefit you and your employees.

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Success, Not Turnover

“As a locally owned, “boutique” TPA, AIMS really understands that success is about building and maintaining relationships with employees and clients. The senior management team gives our claims examiners the best training and tool sets so we can provide the right benefits to the right people for the right reasons. That creates high job satisfaction and retention. It’s no wonder that people who work for AIMS stay with AIMS.”

– Claims Supervisor

Allied Managed Care

AMC’s proactive medical cost-containment programs maximize cost control and minimize lost time.

Serving Clients is our Purpose.
Client Service is our Passion.