As an AIMS client, you have our commitment to helping your organization achieve an effective balance between employee health and fiscal well-being.

Success Stories

Our Strategic Business Partner since 1994
“AIMS has been one of our strategic business partners since 1994. The AIMS management team has been extremely responsive to our needs. The claims supervisor and manager are always available for urgent or critical issues. AIMS provides a dedicated unit for our program and the claims management staff is fully committed to our program. The staffing turnover has been very low. If an opening occurs, a replacement is hired immediately, and the transition has been with little or no disruption in the service level. AIMS aggressively responds to our service requests and instructions and I rarely, if ever, receive any complaints on their service. Overall, I would rate AIMS performance extremely high. AIMS management strength is communication and interaction with us, as the client. We always feel well informed and comfortable with the claim management strategies on our files.”

–City Manager, (Public Entity Reference)

Our Administrator for 10 Years
“AIMS has been our administrator for 10 years and the initial implementation was handled extremely well. Specifically, I would like to credit AIMS management staff for ensuring open lines of communication, and immediate attention to high-profile claims. The claims supervisor and manager are always available for urgent or critical issues. The AIMS claims management staff is extremely responsive to our needs. We have contractual requirements for AIMS staff to follow, which are based on the scope of work. AIMS aggressively responds to our service requests and instructions.”

–Risk Manager, (Public Entity Reference)

As seen in Forbes: AIMS featured in the April 2010 issue of Forbes Magazine

Success, Not Turnover

“As a locally owned, “boutique” TPA, AIMS really understands that success is about building and maintaining relationships with employees and clients. The senior management team gives our claims examiners the best training and tool sets so we can provide the right benefits to the right people for the right reasons. That creates high job satisfaction and retention. It’s no wonder that people who work for AIMS stay with AIMS.”

– Claims Supervisor

Allied Managed Care

AMC’s proactive medical cost-containment programs maximize cost control and minimize lost time.

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